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06 Jan 2009 by Shingo Tamura
Pure CSS-driven hover menu - image

You can create hover menus like the above without any javascript code by using the pseudo-class :hover. To make it happen, you need the following 2 components:

  • Menu element

    This would preferably be an unordered list.

  • Trigger element

    This element would contain the menu, and trigger the showing and hiding of it when rolled over.

Let's say that you've given a class called trigger to your trigger elements, and menu to your menus. To enable the menus to show and hide on rollovers, just add these lines to your stylesheet:

.trigger ul.menu
    display: none;
.trigger:hover ul.menu
    display: block;

To explain the code above:

  • ul elements within an element with the class trigger are not displayed; and
  • ul elements within an element with the class trigger are displayed as a block element on hover-over.

This is it, and the rest is pretty much just styling up the menus.

To see it in action, check out this live sample (please don't copy the Google Analytics code though).

Please note that the hover menus only work on browsers that support the use of the pseudo-class :hover on your Trigger elements. Note that Internet Explorer 6 unfortunately does not support it.

Hope this helps someone.

Update: I've made a better version in HTML5 and CSS3 with fewer images. Check it out if you're interested.

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